Friday, February 1, 2013

WLC, propagamdist and sophist!

       Notice  how the writer disposes of  Craig's biblical argument for the Resurrection! I have in previous essays here myself commented  about how the Bible misleads. He is so credulous that he accepts the uncorroborated  writers as truth-tellers the uncorroborated tales! That suffice to show why no  one has  to take him seriously as truth-telling about that anthology.
       He so defends the divine command theory that he deems it right for Yahweh to command genocide! He prefers the  simple, egregious subjectiveism of misogynistic, mean-minded misanthropes to  moral demands!
        Morality would be independent of and binging on God! Even he does not call for stoning wilfrul children! And as pictured , his other arguments disgrace philosophy and - theology!
         Please Google his full name to see what he says and what others say about him. Like that other writer, I don't engage in  ad hominem to try to keep others from  reading his writings or hearing him but just love to  call him names for the  deviant he is in philosophy!

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