Thursday, February 14, 2013

The mythic bull!

        Mythicists make bull by insisting on more than a little comparison of Yeshua with other god-men and miracle mongers and Christians make bull in finding him unique.
         Yes, parallels do exist but not enough to suggest that Christians made him up from other god- men and miracle mongers. And they all are unique, so that finding him unique does not make him the Savior.
          I take it that he existed but legends grew up around him. The discrepancies in the Testament attest to that. Is one or the other the real event or did it even happen? The two Nativity stories do conflict, but neither happened. History disconfirms events in them.
           Christians special plead about his being the Savior in that they find his way of salvation fruitful and that of others wrong. His reflects misanthropy. We need no Atonement, but can expiate for our wrongdoings. His Atonement reflects barbarism and is no better than Aztecs murdering their young in blood sacrifices!
            Yeshua's miracles reflect the same superstitious milieu that other religions engage in.
           Religions come short of the glory of humankind!  

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