Thursday, February 7, 2013

Totally different.

 That it's totally different sums up theism! It God lacks intent in the Cosmos that science notes, yet theists claim that theism is not reduced animism. Why, that is what it is- that superstition, seeing intent where none exists.
 Christians declaim that why, Yeshua is unique, but all god-men and miracle monger are unique!
 They declaim that why, ti's hope that pervades the Bible when we note the moral evils of its ethic or find excuses for Yahweh's evil commands.
   Jews are the chosen people but that's different from putting others down. And for most Jews, it is but the narratives say otherwise!
    Cheist=insanity is different because it offers salvation from wrong-doing, whilst other offer lesser things. Why, that's special pleading.
     Christian fideists claim that their use of faith is different from that of the terrorists, because by their fruit, you shall know them, and theirs is good. That is special pleading, as Christians have murdered in the name of their superstition. Oh, here they plead that those weren't real Christians or else they misused the texts. But in context, the anthology does condone religious murder!
     What other totally different excuses do you note?   

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