Thursday, February 21, 2013

Haughty Haught and that monster

     Haughty John Haught claims that from the beginning of the Tanakh to the end of the Testament, the Bible rings with hope, and against the claim that both anthologies carry forth barbarism, he claims no, the concern is with hope.
      Errantists brainwash themselves as much as inerrantists do! He claims that faith is the enveloping of our whole beings with hope, whilst Alister Earl McGrath claims that faith enters the case after believers find the evidence. Either way, believers are using blind faith! They thus commit themselves, too much to their beliefs.
      Faith is thus the we just believe of credulity, that begged question. As the naturalist Sydney Hook notes, science is acquired knowledge, whilst faith begs the question of being knowledge. Reason removes mountains of ignorance, whilst faith exists on the arguments from personal incredulity and from ignorance, which underlie their other arguments.
      The two anthologies rest on the argument from incredulity as theists find it incredible that we can have morality without God as its ground and from ignorance in finding that any scriptures ground God, even though encrusted with falsehoods and egregious commands.
       Allah is a monster. No revealed God is moral!
       And the deist God is one as the problem of Heaven finds Him thus.
      And what is your take on this matter?

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