Saturday, January 26, 2013

No Deluge,no Exodus!

The Tanakh carries false history. The false Deluge ,as the article notes, came f rom an earlier source. No patriarchs existed! No stay of Hebrews in  Egypt occurred, much less the Exodus. Archaeologists have not found the mountains of detritus- remains- needed as evidence for the Exodus.
  Around the time of David and Solomon, the Tanakh offers some real history. However, those two probably were only chieftains, never having achieved the combined kingdom of Israel and Judah, and never having the fortune claimed for them.
    Furthermore, just what are the good metaphors that liberal theologians find in that awful anthology anyway? What is the good one for the murderous Deluge? What is the good one for hardening Pharaoh's heart that he  decided not to let the Hebrews leave? What is the good one for murdering all those first-born Egyptian babies?
       Why would a good God command genocide and what is its good metaphor/
       Misogynistic,  mean-minded misanthropes just made the anthology of hate  from their evil imaginations!
          This type of matter in this anthology and such in the Christian Testament and any other scriptures help make me a gnu atheist, anti-theist! The apologetics and the arguments for Him likewise make me one. And the evils of religion do that also.
          Why not find the good in such as Aesop's Fables, which don't threaten us in any manner but do educate us how to behave better?
           By the way, a good God would never have anyone to worship him n or would God have any rights over us! My gnu atheism goes thus to the heart of theism, that heart of stone!

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