Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jefferson & his Yeshua and those other fables

       I daresay that Jefferson's endorsement of Yeshua's morality leaves this rationalist cold! I do contemn Yeshua's morality/ethic as that of a cult leader and flawed moral leader, an immoralist as Miklos Jako notes in " Confronting Believers."

       Yes, the previous article rightly notes  not only Christ= insanity but also other religions lack authority over us. It borrowed nonsense from Moses' Folly that itself  was similar to other Canaanite cultures- for instance, the Deluge. Zoroastrianism- now the Parsee Rump- gave both the after life and Hell, albeit it is not so pronounced in Judaism.^ Muhammad's Fits borrowed from both Arian Christianity and Judaism. Smith's Fraud added its own fables.

        All revelations reflect people's own imaginations, their own mental processes. No supernatural beings ever give information to anyone! We now know how these religions developed. No God directed their outcomes!

             Some religious claim that morality has divinely developed gradually, as God sees fit to make morality adapt to people,  in effect. No, we refine our evolved moral sense. Indeed, the Enlightenment evidences that. Had Locke and others gone by their Scriptures, why, liberty would not occur!

            As Steven Pinker* and Richard Carrier*  declaim people now can be more moral than those of the Ages of Faith.

   * Pinker " The Better Angels of Our Natures "   Carrier  " Sense and Goodness without God: a Defense of Metaphysical  Naturalism

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