Friday, December 28, 2012

Forgery and WLC

  As the excerpt from that book notes, much of the Christian Testament is forged. Yet William Lane Craig and billions of others find that anthology inerrant. No, it is very errant with its contradictions within and without.

  Craig accepts as true the uncorroborated writings of uncorroborated writers as absolute. Many regard him as a top-flight theologian and philosopher of religion. No, he fails miserably. His very acceptance of those writings show him as credulous, leading the credulous.

    With the miracles and the implied theology, the Testament lacks credibility anyway! The miracles contradicts science, and no one ever could find evidence for them and probably none will proffer real evidence for  other claimed miracles to overcome the Flew-Lamberth the presumption of naturalism and its Hume's corrollary on miracles.This isn't any begged question but just the demand for evidence.

   Contradictions abound. Other articles here treat them.

  The theology bespeaks barbarism! What rational person could hold that we, sinners all, should face Hell unless we accept God-Yeshua- Holy Ghost? What moral person would hold that we are sinners as that means not measuring up to His standards when actually we should try to  measure up to a realistic morality?

     The anthology holds that we owe allegiance to Yahweh, but morality says no, and He has no rights over us, and no right to treat us as property to whom to give purpose. What a blasphemy against humanity with that very notion of divine purpose for us!



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