Sunday, October 28, 2012

More bull

Why would any rational person think that God has input at all in that anthology? Again, mere miserable misanthropes just made it up! Why would their account be any better than say that of Zoroaster?  Inclusivists claim that all religions partake of the divine. But as Theodore Drange notes, were there God,He's have one coherent book instead of the many incoherent and mutually exclusive ones.He's be pellucid about His commands and so forth. No thing evil would appear and everything would cohere with reality.
   To babble that why, He favors our free wills is so ignorati elenchi- irrelevant as, taking Yahweh as If, His presence did not overwhelm His Israelites. In reality, why  would His pellucid word overwhelm us? Anyway, ti's not for Him to get us to please Him but to do for us what morality requires- that one-way street that He provides us with adequate safety as Fr. Meslier's the problem of Heaven requires; we have no duty to worship or please Him as free beings per Lamberth's argument from autonomy,
      Yet, people do defend the idea that an omni-God has the right to let unrequited evil abound.
      Yes, why sickness! What-self loathing for many.
      Why would any rational person fall for that uncorroborated tissue of  pervasive, purposeful perversity! It's purpose is to reduce people's self-esteem,only to raise it superciliously as they react to being  born again as Tim Keller does in his " The Reason for God."
 Yes, what rational person cannot find elsewhere inspiration than from this egregious putrid peace of p perversity?

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